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accent donation

step  1: read

Have a look at the PDF below with the consent page and everything you need to know to successfully record your accent:

step  2: record

easy voice recorder_android.JPG
easy voice recorder_apple.JPG

I've created the above PDF that contains the following four sections with instructions on what to say:

- consent

- speaker background

- word list

- longer text

- free speech


These timings are only estimates and vary slightly according to speaker, language and accent. Your recording will roughly be 6 minutes short - it's up to you if you want to do everything in one sitting or split it up into four separate recordings, one recording for one page each.

Feel free to use whichever recording device you like - it doesn't have to be a professional one. I can recommend the app Easy Voice Recorder for your phone, as it's free and quite intuitive to navigate.

Click on an icon to download your version:

(~ 30 seconds)

(~ 30 seconds)

(~ 1 minute 30 seconds)

(~ 2 minutes 20 seconds)

(~ 30 - 60 seconds)



Important: please make sure there is minimal to no background noise while you record.

step  3: upload

Upload your audio recording through WeTransfer for free!


You might have to click "I just want to send files" first if prompted - you don't have to sign up nor create a pro account to send any files.

To upload your recording, please note the following 4 details:






please use MP3 or WAV file types.

if you upload separate recordings, please use the same file name for all and only change the number ("rec1", "rec2", etc.)

your email address

accent donation

you're all done !

Thank you for submitting your recording. I look forward to hearing your voice.

Please allow me 48 hours to get back to you with your single-use £20 OFF discount code.*

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or queries.

*Important: the audio needs to be clear of any background noise, and the recording must be complete with all parts of the PDF recorded for you to receive the discount. This is a single-use discount code that you receive only once, and can use only once. It is valid for one year.

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