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If you’re wondering how a non-native English speaker ended up coaching native English speakers on a different English accent – here's how:

It wasn't an overnight success. I started to learn English at school when I was 12 and wasn’t taught once how to sound like a native speaker. It took me years of learning, listening (and just as much not listening) to get to where I am today.

Teachers and other people relentlessly telling me I’d never be successful in a language that wasn’t my own could’ve stopped me from pursuing an international career, but I chose to not listen to their own limitations and show them how it could be done instead. So I started by figuring out how to reduce my foreign accent on my own, sound after sound – thank Hollywood for all the TV series…

After years of having adjusted and fine-tuned my speech patterns to finally sound like a native English speaker, I was looking for a way to combine my passion for languages with my musical education and linguistic studies.


I stumbled across a Master’s degree in Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London that would take my professional life to new heights. I was granted a place as one of only two non-native English speakers in my year.


My extracurricular activities in music and performance, that had often been labeled as ‘unimportant’ by peers and teachers alike, had not only shaped my aural skills tremendously, but also contributed to me receiving a ticket into this world-leading institution.

During my time at Central, I got a chance to coach third-year Musical Theater students on various accents for their graduation shows Addams Family and Little Women, and worked alongside two very well-known directors at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Apart from coaching private clients on everything voice and accents, I’m currently also gaining experience as a multilingual voice over artist and am growing my portfolio as a dialect coach in TV, film and theater.

Everything I teach comes from my own experience pushing past limiting beliefs and creating a successful coaching business. It brings me great joy to guide, support and coach people from all language backgrounds and different walks of life to grow their confidence, leveraging their voice to consistently open new doors.


VASTA Conference 2022: Converging Pathways.

Co-presenting the paper "The Breasted Experience: Locating the breasted body in the body of the voice"


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