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Are you in need of a professional Voice & Dialect Coach specializing in European foreign accents, Australian and North American English dialects? I coach numerous dialects and various European languages, and provide linguistic consultations before, during and after the production:

Linguistic Consultation

- advice on linguistic periods in the history of German or English


- working knowledge of the many contemporary European foreign languages and its accents

Pre-Production Coaching

- research into chosen accent or language and liaising with producer about dialect vision


- remote 1:1 sessions with actors to prepare their dialect or language

On Set / In Studio Support

- worldwide coaching on location, whether this be on a film set, in a theater or in a recording studio

- remote live support online or in one of London's recording studios

Post-Production Coaching

- supporting actors prior to their ADR session to clarify possible linguistic discrepancies

- providing direct feedback during the ADR session for a productive workflow

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Please don't hesitate to reach out to see how I could help out on your production.

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