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accent reduction basics course

Would you like to work on your foreign accent reduction on your own and in your own time? Are you not quite sure where to start or ...

Would you like a few pointers

This is for you if

- you're a working parent who doesn't have much time or energy for a 1:1

- you work shifts and have a couple minutes to ...

- an actor who wants to ...

- you want to get a headstart on your accent journey

Let me be your ear and send me a voice recording to have a listen and give you detailed feedback on the features that you could work on. I'll provide you with a PDF listing .....

GenAm / SSE

Please make sure there is minimal to no background noise while you record.

one-time fee of £49

Are you tired of constantly repeating yourself on the phone at work or to the waiter at your favorite restaurant? Are you self-conscious about your foreign accent for not making you feel like you fit in?


If you want to tweak your foreign accent and would like some pointers by a professional accent & dialect coach, you've come to the right place. Whether you have already worked on your accent for a while and feel like nothing seems to be working, or you want to begin to reduce your accent and are not quite sure where to start, I'm here to help you!

 you're only 3 steps away!  

There is a quick and easy way to focus on reducing your accent without any overwhelm. Achieve in days or weeks what took other people years to figure out on their own (myself included)! By focusing on the most prominent features, meaning the ones that are most foreign to native English pronunciation, you take the stress out of your accent reduction journey and you'll see results much faster than if you'd focus on all the features at once.

Let me save you some time figuring it all out on your own!

​Let me be your ear and save you some time figuring it all out on your own!

This is for you if

you want to get a headstart on your accent journey,

you're looking for a simple and straightforward way to reduce your foreign accent,

you want guidance from a professional accent & dialect coach but don't have time or budget for 1:1 yet,

you're simply curious what you could improve to sound more like a native English speaker

Your foreign accent will be analyzed and compared to a standard variety of English (General American, Standard Southern British, and Standard Australian). In most cases, it'll be clear from your speech patterns which target accent you'd like to shift your accent to - in case it shouldn't be, I'll give you tips on all three.

You'll get individual feedback in just 3 simple steps!

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