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Ronja Hübscher foreign accent reduction basics course

increase your impact by mastering the fundamentals of native English speech.


-----------  by Ronja Hübscher

no more guessing

in the dark

Ronja Hübscher foreign accent reduction basics course

being anxious or wasting time on practicing your sentences beforehand with zero return on your intentions and efforts. Your way of speaking can rapidly transform with the right accent training strategy.

Free yourself from fear by learning the exact steps that have helped my clients reduce stress when speaking English and thrive in an international environment!



I’m giving you the step-by-step system I use to coach my 1:1 clients in a bite sized modular course that will teach you the basics to reduce your foreign accent on your own, in your own time, without the commitment to private mentorship.

foreign accent reduction basics course

 I’ve taken everything I learned from reducing my foreign  accent on my own to now working in the film industry as  a dialect coach into a 5-module online course to locate,  adapt, train, change, and leverage your accent. 

Ronja Hübscher foreign accent reduction basics course

...  you wouldn’t need to constantly repeat yourself

...  you didn’t feel anxious about your pronunciation

...  you were finally taken seriously when speaking English

...  you stopped apologizing for your accent

...  you didn’t have to worry about being misunderstood

...  your professionalism wouldn’t be questioned anymore

...  you could work and spread your impact on a global scale

                your life if ...

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not when you learn the right patterns and processes around foreign accent reduction.

Accent Reduction Basics is a straightforward and effective online course that will reshape your progress with pronunciation. This 5-step program gives you the necessary tools and teach you how to locate, adapt, train, change, and leverage your accent. 

Like so many of us non-native English speakers, I've struggled with my foreign accent. Because we weren't taught how to reduce our foreign accents in school, I didn't even know where to begin. At times it felt like I would be stuck with my foreign accent forever.

Ronja Hübscher foreign accent reduction basics course

hi, I'm
Ronja Hübscher.

As I was learning English, people would say to me ...

... you'll always have a foreign accent

... you'll never stand a chance against native speakers

... your foreign accent is a disadvantage on the job market

... you won't ever be successful in a language that isn't your own

... forget about your dreams and stick to what you know

There was a time when I would let other people's limitations get to me and keep me off my track. I even started studying law because I believed what people around me had told me: that I could never become a voice over artist nor interpreter as a non-native English speaker.

That little voice inside me did not keep quiet, however. I changed my field of studies against societal expectations, in hopes it would bring me closer to my dreams. It did, just not the way I expected it to. Despite its linguistic nature, my English Literature & Linguistics major did not entail anything on pronunciation other than the theoretical study of phonetics and phonology. In terms of my foreign accent, I was still on my own.

Not knowing if it would ever truly work, I changed my pronunciation whenever I would hear a native English speaker say a word differently. It took me YEARS to get to a point where I would feel comfortable, let alone confident with my accent. But I did it. I had even declined an offer to work as an interpreter for one of the companies I was employed at during my undergrad - I had other plans for myself.

Within ten years, I went from people telling me I would always sound like a non-native English speaker to people not believing me I am one.

Today, I've created a course I wish existed back when was desperately trying to reduce my foreign accent. My Accent Reduction Basics course shows you the most common accent features so many of us non-native English speakers pronounce differently, and teaches you how to train your accent. I've taken the guesswork out of your journey so it doesn't take you as long as it did me to reduce your foreign accent too.

If I can do it, so can you. Don't let other people tell you it isn't possible - I'm here to tell you it is. Wanna join me in proving them wrong?

here's a sneak peek...


While no accent is inherently better than another, foreign accents can make us feel self-conscious when they're the reason people tend to not understand or misunderstand us altogether. This module sheds light on subliminal accent biases and teaches why accents are important.


Discover what makes up your current accent and redefine how you speak. This module will show you how to acquire the accent of your dreams by defining your source and target accents. You'll learn how an accent is not an enemy but a way of creating choices.


Master how to learn an accent, train your articulators and use everyday tools and routines to your advantage. This module teaches you how to actually go about learning an accent so what you learn doesn't vanish into thin air but has a lasting impact instead.


Know which sounds to work on to have a native English pronunciation. This core module reveals the top 5 native English accent features that non-native English speakers struggle with the most. It teaches you how to reduce the most common foreign accent features.


Enhance your speech with native English prosody. This module focuses on developing speaking habits beyond pronunciation, such as intonation and speaking rhythm. It further shows you how to avoid foreign hesitation markers and which filler words to use instead.

what you can expect
when you join the
Accent Reduction Basics

locate and


your source and target accent and use it in your training strategy so you can stop stressing about pronunciation and start measuring progress.

know rather

than guess

what your speech muscles are doing and create lasting change to your pronunciation patterns so other people won’t want to stop listening to you.

speak with


and disregard advice that hasn’t been working for you in the past so you can finally feel comfortable in expressing yourself in another language.

stop wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own!

Ronja Hübscher foreign accent reduction basics course

this is for you if ...

...  you feel nervous about your foreign accent

...  you don't want to feel stressed when speaking English anymore

...  you wish to travel and connect with strangers comfortably

...  you are ready to accelerate your global career

...  you aim to take your business to international heights

...  you want to collaborate with people from all over the world

...  you are done feeling anxious about your pronunciation

Reducing my foreign accent has not only changed my confidence, but also my career and my ability to make an impact. It has changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had listened to everyone saying it was never gonna be in the cards for me. Let me tell you – if it was possible for me, it is possible for you too!  

ready to have a stress-free accent ?

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