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It’s time for you to speak English with the same confidence as you do your first language.

This is an exclusive program that includes high level 1:1 support for up to 6 months to provide you with the highest transformation:

  • reduce your foreign accent to sound more like a native English speaker

  • overcome stress and anxiety about your foreign accent with proven pronunciation & prosody strategy to transform your speech 

  • nail your articulation to communicate with ease, empower others with your message, and drive change

  • level up your confidence with clear speech and coherent articulation for more connection and a greater impact


All of the above is designed to help you become vocally free and allow you to expand your reach, form global connections, and create new career opportunities for yourself.

are you ready for results like these?

Screenshot 2023-11-16 151021.jpg

--- please submit your application below ---

Which general region would you like your accent to sound like?
When it comes to reducing your foreign accent, what is the biggest problem you are facing?
ACCENT INTENSIVE 1:1 is a £1k-£3k investment depending on the level of support you go for. Are you ready to invest in support that can help you to rapidly change the way you speak?
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