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Supporting ambitious non-native English speaking business owners, consultants and execs in overcoming public speaking anxiety, upleveling presentation skills and boosting vocal confidence through speech preparation, accent reduction, and vocal performance training.


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As a multilingual voice & dialect coach, I know first-hand that building bridges between cultures and languages requires becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you step into your undeniable potential and start using your versatility to your advantage, you will undoubtedly change your life and that of those around you. By focusing on speech, accent and voice, I've helped many clients build a strong foundation to communicate with ease, empower others with their message, and drive change. Today, I'm here to help you reach that next level in your confidence, express yourself as best as you can, and make a lasting impact to those you serve.


Delivering a great speech is what separates a charismatic leader from an ordinary one. A powerful speaker knows how to use their voice, posture and breath to their advantage. Focusing on your delivery is important to motivate people, convey your idea and drive change.

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how to beat your public speaking anxiety

Does the thought of speaking in front of people alone make you extremely nervous and rather anxious? This free PDF will guide you on how to take control of your fears and say goodbye to panic and overwhelm. Let's go!

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secure your Stress-Free Speech Checklist

Take advantage of this method and leave the guesswork out of your preparation for good. Download your copy now and use it for every future presentation to create your routine!

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Image by Sabrina Mazzeo


Everyone has an accent. You may not notice it if people around you have the same one as you. Your accent may even change organically over time as you interact with people who have an accent different than yours. Consciously growing your accent portfolio can be fun and rewarding!


5 proven strategies to reduce your foreign accent!

Find out exactly how others have managed to lastingly reduce their foreign accent. You'll get access to a small section of my Accent Reduction Basics Course for FREE! The course workbook excerpt shows you how to best train your accent to avoid overwhelm. Get your copy now!

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LM_ACR strategy.jpg


Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. It is part of your expression and your identity. Voice coaching helps aligning the voice with who you are and how you present yourself.

Retro Microphone

5 steps to grow your vocal confidence

When you feel like your foreign accent is holding you back, you might need a little pick-me-up to get you back on track. Learn 5 different strategies to get your confidence back as you speak!

I've helped my clients to ...

abandon their self-doubt, believe it's possible for them too and confidently step into their power

not leave their speaking to chance but prepare their voice and presentation to avoid any unnecessary surprises

break down any communication barriers, establish international connections and be part of a global community

have the courage to authentically show up as their best self on and off stage

put themselves first and claim the future they desire and deserve

 what other people are saying...


"I worked with Ronja on a production of Little Women at Trinity Laban and her brilliant accent work with the students was instrumental to their performances, not only helping them develop their characters even further but to also give them the confidence to use their voices. Ronja's enthusiasm, communication and support to the creative team was fantastic throughout the process."

James Robert Moore, Director


let me help you make you
in your ability !


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