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let's get to voicing!

on and off stage and set support with all things

voice and accent

advice on posture, voice and delivery for a job interview, conference or town hall

work on accent repertoire

and help with foreign

accent reduction

guidance on resonance, breath, pitch and

vocal health

what other people are saying...


I worked with Ronja on a production of Little Women at Trinity Laban and her brilliant accent work with the students was instrumental to their performances, not only helping them develop their characters even further but to also give them the confidence to use their voices. Ronja's enthusiasm, communication and support to the creative team was fantastic throughout the process.

Angela 2_edited.jpg

Let's face it - my English wasn't good. I work with people from all over the world and I have always felt stress and shame trying to speak a foreign language. From the very first class Ronja showed incredible patience and an unconventional approach to learning. She's a warm person with an open mind and professional in every way. Ronja helped me overcome my fear, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with her. See you in class!

gabi bw_edited.jpg

Ronja is taking a personal approach and is following each client's needs individually. We prepared for my TEDx talk in the little time we had and looked at posture, vocal delivery and pronunciation. She made me feel much more confident going on stage. With Ronja, you will never feel like you are undergoing bookish learning. It will always be a tailor-made lesson with unique and precise techniques to whatever you need at the moment.

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