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As a multilingual voice & dialect coach, I know first-hand that building bridges between cultures and languages requires becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you step into your undeniable potential and start using your versatility to your advantage, you will undoubtedly change your life and that of those around you. By focusing on speech, accent and voice, I've helped many clients build a strong foundation to communicate with ease, empower others with their message, and drive change. Today, I'm here to help you reach that next level in your confidence, express yourself as best as you can, and make a lasting impact to those you serve.

advice on posture, voice and delivery for a job interview, conference or town hall

work on accent repertoire

and help with foreign

accent reduction

guidance on resonance, breath, pitch and

vocal health

on and off stage and set support with all things

voice and accent


Delivering a great speech is what separates a charismatic leader from an ordinary one. A powerful speaker knows how to use their voice, posture and breath to their advantage. Focusing on your delivery is important to motivate people, 

convey your idea and drive change.

Whether you're a fresh graduate preparing for your first job interview or a senior executive presenting at the next town hall, I offer practical steps on how to stay grounded and make the right impact with your voice to capture your audience.


I can provide you with advice on posture, breath, voice and delivery for your next

- job interview

- presentation

- town hall

- university application

- media conference

- ... you name it!

Is the content of your project confidential? Your requirements are important to me. I'm more than happy to sign an NDA. Feel free to contact me today to discuss your specific needs.

Inside Business


Everyone has an accent. You may not notice it if people around you have the same one as you. Your accent may even change organically over time as you interact with people who have an accent different than yours. Consciously growing your accent portfolio can be fun and rewarding!

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accent reduction

If you are a non-native English speaker and would like to reduce your foreign accent, I can help you shape yours into any native English accent you like. We will work on your speech patterns so you recognize them and will be able to change them over time.


Reducing your accent takes time and depends on where you start, where you want to end up, and how much time and effort you put into training your speech muscles. Accent reduction should be about creating options. Together, we will create those options for you, so you can decide yourself how far you'd like to go on your accent reduction journey.


It is your choice whether you'd like to keep a bit of your foreign accent charm or if you'd like to be incognito and perceived as a native speaker by others. Contact me to take your first step on your accent journey today.

accent addition

Whether you're a native or non-native English speaker, I can help you acquire a new accent. Perhaps you learnt a "Standard British" accent in school but would like to change it up a little at work? Or as a performer you'd like to explore an accent for a character you play in your next show?

Acquiring a new accent does not mean eliminating your own. We're adding an accent, no replacing one. This means you get to explore and play around with different accents whenever you feel like it! 

I specialize in European and North American accents. Do you have any specific region or actor in mind whose accent you'd like to adopt?  Contact me today to inquire if I teach the accent you have in mind.

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Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. It is part of your expression and your identity. Voice coaching helps aligning the voice with

who you are and how you present yourself.

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vocal expression and vocal health

Do you use your voice extensively for jobs such as a teacher or a social worker, but you feel vocally tired at the end of each day? I can help you foster habits to avoid vocal strain and to support a healthy voice.

If your work entails speaking to an audience like a radio host or a drag queen whose voice needs a certain resonant and expressive quality, I will guide you through exercises that help you improve your vocal skills and reconnect you to your uninhibited voice.

Together, we will work on resonance, breath, pitch and/or vocal health to support a free and grounded voice. Please contact me today if you'd like to remove any vocal issues that prevent you from exploring your full vocal ability.

gender and the voice

Do you wish to match the sound of your voice to your gender identity? Are you seeking a non-surgical approach to change your vocal characteristics? I’d be happy to support you in your transformational journey.

As a non-surgical procedure, gender affirming voice coaching can help you achieve the vocal quality that matches your identity. It is for people who are looking for guidance on how to adapt their voices, whether they have or have not already undergone hormone therapy and/or surgery.

Having a voice that doesn’t represent one’s gender might cause discomfort or anxiety and can lead to harassment or trigger gender dysphoria. You might feel that your voice is the missing piece to expressing yourself fully. To help with this, some people choose to have surgery or hormone treatment. Voice coaching can accompany both or be sought before any medical procedure.

Together, we will explore a combination of intonation, resonance and pitch to find the voice that is authentic to you. Changing your voice is highly personal and involves assessing your needs and expectations as well as creating an individualized plan with goals that are realistic and attainable to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today to talk about your desired voice.

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TV film theater

theater, film & TV

Your accent on stage or on screen should be as authentic as possible. The aim is to feel comfortable and confident using an accent, be it your own or any other one, so when you're on stage or in front

of the camera, you don't have to think about it.

producers and directors


To bring your vision for voice and accent to life, I'm here to help with anything from accent and foreign language to elocution, pitch, vocal quality and resonance. This includes flexible and discreet coaching from the beginning stage all the way to any last-minute tweaks of your production.


As a professional voice and accent coach, I provide the necessary tools to reach your desired outcome without compromising the performer's needs. Please don't hesitate to give me a call (+44 7399 721050) or contact me ( today.

Need to keep your production under wraps? Your requirements are important to me. I'm more than happy to sign an NDA. Concerned about safety? I can provide a clear DBS certificate and prove my fully vaccinated Covid-19 Vaccine status.

Film Reel


To support your acting process, I am available to help you prepare for your next audition by looking at the text, at your voice and/or your accent. Simply need a refresher course? Or generally want to expand your accent repertoire to gain more casting opportunities? I'm happy to support you in your endeavors in any given time frame during the preparation stage.


During a production, I'm available to help with anything from accent and foreign language to elocution, pitch, vocal quality and resonance. As a professional voice and accent coach, I provide the necessary tools to reach the director's desired outcome without compromising your needs.

Need to keep your process and/or project under wraps? Your privacy is important to me. I'm more than happy to sign an NDA. Feel free to contact me today to discuss your specific requirements.

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what other people are saying...


I worked with Ronja on a production of Little Women at Trinity Laban and her brilliant accent work with the students was instrumental to their performances, not only helping them develop their characters even further but to also give them the confidence to use their voices. Ronja's enthusiasm, communication and support to the creative team was fantastic throughout the process.

Angela 2_edited.jpg

Let's face it - my English wasn't good. I work with people from all over the world and I have always felt stress and shame trying to speak a foreign language. From the very first class Ronja showed incredible patience and an unconventional approach to learning. She's a warm person with an open mind and professional in every way. Ronja helped me overcome my fear, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with her. See you in class!

gabi bw_edited.jpg

Ronja is taking a personal approach and is following each client's needs individually. We prepared for my TEDx talk in the little time we had and looked at posture, vocal delivery and pronunciation. She made me feel much more confident going on stage. With Ronja, you will never feel like you are undergoing bookish learning. It will always be a tailor-made lesson with unique and precise techniques to whatever you need at the moment.


let me help you make you confident in your ability !

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