Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. It is part of your expression and your identity. Voice coaching helps aligning the voice with

who you are and how you present yourself.

vocal expression and vocal health

Do you use your voice extensively for jobs such as a teacher or a social worker, but you feel vocally tired at the end of each day? I can help you foster habits to avoid vocal strain and to support a healthy voice.

If your work entails speaking to an audience like a radio host or a drag queen whose voice needs a certain resonant and expressive quality, I will guide you through exercises that help you improve your vocal skills and reconnect you to your uninhibited voice.

Together, we will work on resonance, breath, pitch and/or vocal health to support a free and grounded voice. Please contact me today if you'd like to remove any vocal issues that prevent you from exploring your full vocal ability.

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gender and the voice

Do you wish to match the sound of your voice to your gender identity? Are you seeking a non-surgical approach to change your vocal characteristics? I’d be happy to support you in your transformational journey.

As a non-surgical procedure, gender affirming voice coaching can help you achieve the vocal quality that matches your identity. It is for people who are looking for guidance on how to adapt their voices, whether they have or have not already undergone hormone therapy and/or surgery.

Having a voice that doesn’t represent one’s gender might cause discomfort or anxiety and can lead to harassment or trigger gender dysphoria. You might feel that your voice is the missing piece to expressing yourself fully. To help with this, some people choose to have surgery or hormone treatment. Voice coaching can accompany both or be sought before any medical procedure.

Together, we will explore a combination of intonation, resonance and pitch to find the voice that is authentic to you. Changing your voice is highly personal and involves assessing your needs and expectations as well as creating an individualized plan with goals that are realistic and attainable to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today to talk about your desired voice.

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