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Image by Sebastián León Prado

This is your chance to deep dive into your very own accent journey with exclusive access to your private accent coach to improve your skills at a pace that fits your busy schedule and is manageable to you!

book your private session with me below!

choose one of the following flexible payment options that suits your needs:

pay per session

1 session

6 sessions*

10 sessions*

*6-month and 10-month payment plan: monthly billing cycle for 6 and 10 session bundles. sessions don't have to be booked or taken in monthly intervals.

pay upfront

SAVE 10%

6 sessions

£95  £85 per session

SAVE £60

10 sessions

SAVE £89

£89  £81 per session

We will arrange the dates for the coaching sessions together after your payment.

Please note: due to the exclusivity of this coaching, all payments are non-refundable. 

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