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Everyone has an accent. You may not notice it if people around you have the same one as you. Your accent may even change organically over time as you interact with people who have an accent different than yours. Consciously growing your accent portfolio can be fun and rewarding!

accent addition

Whether you're a native or non-native English speaker, I can help you acquire a new accent. Perhaps you learnt a "Standard British" accent in school but would like to change it up a little at work? Or as a performer you'd like to explore an accent for a character you play in your next show?

Acquiring a new accent does not mean eliminating your own. We're adding an accent, no replacing one. This means you get to explore and play around with different accents whenever you feel like it! 

I specialize in European and North American accents. Do you have any specific region or actor in mind whose accent you'd like to adopt?  Contact me today to inquire if I teach the accent you have in mind.

Image by Andrew Butler
Image by Sabrina Mazzeo

accent reduction

If you are a non-native English speaker and would like to reduce your foreign accent, I can help you shape yours into any native English accent you like. We will work on your speech patterns so you recognize them and will be able to change them over time.


Reducing your accent takes time and depends on where you start, where you want to end up, and how much time and effort you put into training your speech muscles. Accent reduction should be about creating options. Together, we will create those options for you, so you can decide yourself how far you'd like to go on your accent reduction journey.


It is your choice whether you'd like to keep a bit of your foreign accent charm or if you'd like to be incognito and perceived as a native speaker by others. Contact me to take your first step on your accent journey today.

let me help you make you confident in your ability!

for sessions with

 two or three people 

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