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Hi, I'm Ronja. My pronouns are she/her.


I am a Voice and Dialect Coach with a Master’s in Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Before I came to London in September 2020, I studied English Linguistics & Literature and Art History at the University of Zurich.


My main areas of interest are multilingualism and its effect on vocal qualities, gender affirming voice therapy and dialect work with native and non-native English speakers. I am keen on removing stigmas and barriers to include all bodies in my work and make everyone feel confident in their ability.

past projects:

VASTA Conference 2022: Converging Pathways.

Co-presenting the paper "The Breasted Experience: Locating the breasted body in the body of the voice"

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Coming from a multicultural country with no less than four official languages and countless accents and dialects, I have always enjoyed hearing how the voice changes in people who switch between languages. Infatuated with the sounds of English, I wanted to become a voice-over artist and move abroad to live in a big city far away from the tiny Swiss village I grew up in.

"How do you think you could ever be accomplished in a language that is not your own?!"

       "Forget about your dreams. You'll never stand a chance; English is not your mother tongue."

People telling me I wasn't good enough was my fuel. I was determined to make my dreams my reality and prove the naysayers wrong in the process. My musical education played a pivotal role in sharpening my aural skills; still, it took me years to learn the English language, let alone reduce my foreign accent on my own. Unaware that different parts of my life had pointed me towards the world of voice all along, I made this language my own and followed my dreams to London.

As your voice and dialect coach, I am passionate about helping you elevate and improve whatever it is you would like to focus on. My goal is to take you as far as you want to go and make you confident in your ability.

Thank you for being here. Please don't hesitate to reach out, I look forward to hearing your voice.

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